A) Business activities to be carried out in the Operational Solutions Partnership;

  •   Sales, Marketing and Communication Trainings
  •   Business Administration and Facility Management Trainings
  •   Trainings/conferences for High School and University level of education
  •   Financial affairs, Income/Expense trainings, profitablity and EBITDA Trainings
  •   Leading and Guidance for healthcare and hospital services
  •   Health and Medical Tourism Activities, B2B Trainings
  •   International Business Guidance (Sales, Exhibitions and Researches)
  •   Interim Management
  •   Internal and External inspections for the companies
  •   Management Guidance
  •   Personal development trainings
  •   Market research and new product placement
  •   Sales and Marketing Consulting
  • International trade and activities

B) Academic Activities;

  • Studies related to Business Administration (Management and Organization) doctorate level.
  • Participation of the academic conferences and workshops.

C) Business Broker;

  • Acquisition, valuation and operational guidance for the companies.
  • B2B intermediary services.